The other side of the fence

Posted: October 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

Well folks, I’m out of the Army. Sort of. I’m still technically on “transitional leave” throughout the end of the month. We have settled into our new home in Columbia, SC and I started my new position in the world of private practice last week. So far it is really good. 

I made the decision a few months ago to transfer into the reserve component of the US Army instead of completely severing ties. To put things bluntly, I need to provide health insurance to my family and the Army Reserve was the best option for me. So “Army Dentistry: The Blog” will continue. 

Thanks to all the readers who have contacted me and commented on my writing over the past few years. This blog will be here for many years to come and I hope to continue to document the transition from the Army back to Civilian life.


  1. Dental student says:

    Hi, I’m currently an Army HPSP student (D2) and I have a few questions for you.. where can I obtain a list of bases that I could possibly be placed in? Are there bases near major cities like NYC? Also, in your experience, what are the nicer bases?

    • armydentist says:

      Your best bet is to talk with your branch manager about assignments. The list of possible openings changes every year as officers move around. A lot depends on whether you go into an AEGD or a specialty residency or just go straight to work. Good luck in school- second year was really rough!

  2. Jason McDaniel says:

    Hey brother… I just read your blog. Sounds like we were in Afghanistan the same timeframe. I was with the cjsotf though and basically jumped around all over the place inbetween stints at BAF. It was a terribly boring 9 months to be honest, though I share your feelings about seeing things I wish I had never seen.

    Anyways, I just wanted to thank you for your candid remarks. People need to know, especially folks thinking about joining up. I will definitely refer them to what you have written here for the good, bad, and ugly.


  3. Tess Kornacki says:

    Hello, I’m a 2LT out of Kansas State’s Army ROTC program (commissioned in May), and in a D1 on HPSP now. Would you be ok with me contacting you with questions I have?- I owe more time than the typical 4 years due to my additional time in ROTC (8-12 actually total), and would love more input on advice and experiences you’ve had. I would greatly appreciate it. -Tess

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